The Vail Award was established in 1920 as a lasting memorial to Theodore N. Vail, the first president of AT&T. Vail was known for his deep respect for humanity and his strong sense of community. The Vail Award recognizes heroic acts or special service carried out by employees and retirees of AT&T and its wholly owned subsidiaries. These actions benefit the company or the community. They also show the highest degree of judgment, initiative, resourcefulness, and courage. Here are their stories. Mark Smith showed remarkable heroism when he singlehandedly saved seven (7) of his neighbors from a deadly house fire. Robert Spence and Benhur Ricketts coordinated efforts with fire extinguishers to minimize a building fire until firefighters arrived. Dawn Beveridge-Garber was with her neighbor in her backyard in Huntley, Ill., saved two young sisters from a deadly whirlpool after a flood. Josh Ghebremichael carried a wheelchair bound customer down two flights of stairs to safety during a building fire. Herfner “Herf” Franklin saved a toddler from drowning in a pool. Tineisha Mallory saved a fellow AT&T employee from a car fire after the car hydroplaned, hit a concrete barrier, flipped multiple times, and hit a tree.