Supported by $500,000 in funding from Citi Community Development, four Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organizations are collaborating with municipalities and community leaders to aid some of Puerto Rico’s hardest-hit communities affected by Hurricane Maria. Whether renters or owners, thousands of families across the Commonwealth will receive assistance in the form of support for home repairs, free housing counseling, and other vital recovery resources. “During nearly 100 years in Puerto Rico, Citi has strived to support the development and progress of all of the Commonwealth’s communities,” said Guillermo Gómez, Citi’s chief officer for Puerto Rico. “This new investment will ensure residents, especially those living in lower income areas, get the housing support they urgently need, and is a further demonstration of Citi’s commitment to Puerto Rico and its ongoing recovery and renewal.” “Months after the storms have passed, thousands of Puerto Ricans are facing displacement and deep financial instability, with few, if any options to turn to for assistance,” said Bob Annibale, global director, Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance. “By partnering with trusted, locally-based housing organizations, we are able to provide access to vital counseling, repairs and other housing support services to assist hundreds of Puerto Rican families as they begin to stabilize and rebuild their homes and their lives.”