The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) Presents the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ Class of 2024 Graduates.

More than 60 Hispanic corporate leaders completed the prestigious leadership advancement program in Atlanta this month.

Atlanta – June 12, 2024 – The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is delighted to announce the successful completion of the 17th cohort of the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ program on June 12.

The HACR YHCA program boasts an accomplished group of young Hispanic corporate professionals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and significant achievements in their respective fields.

“I proudly congratulate every one of the talented graduates of the HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™ program on their exceptional achievements,” said HACR President & CEO, Cid Wilson. “Their steadfast dedication, relentless effort, and unwavering commitment to excellence have distinguished them as shining examples of the remarkable potential of Hispanic leaders within Corporate America.”

The HACR YHCA program emphasizes professional leadership, community engagement, and corporate diversity, and promotes Hispanic and Latino representation in high-level corporate positions. The program began with virtual training over two months and culminated with a dynamic in-person experience in Atlanta over the past few days. The group bonded over stories of resilience and perseverance during two-and-a-half days of training and one day of community service for the Latin American Association (LAA), which offers education, nutrition, housing, and healthcare access in Atlanta.

The HACR YHCA program embodies HACR’s core mission of enhancing Hispanic representation in Corporate America, embracing heritage and cultural identity while prioritizing corporate diversity, leadership, and community involvement. Participants exchange narratives from diverse, bicultural, multilingual, and immigrant viewpoints, fostering solidarity through shared resilience. The culminating in-person segment coincided with the 2024 HACR Executive Programs, uniting C-suite Latino executives and advocates. Despite distinct agendas, HACR YHCA candidates and senior leaders convened during meals and receptions, fostering invaluable networking and relationship-building opportunities.

More than 30 Fortune 500 and HACR member companies collectively sponsored 63 Hispanic employees to complete the 2024 program. Here is the list in alphabetical order by company:


Sébastien Monzón Rueda


Nicholas Rinz


Cecilia Velázquez-Chávez

Christopher Sanchez Montes de Oca

Altria Group

Sabrina Sifuentes

Michelle Ramirez

Blanca Cristina Barajas Rodriguez

Ana Romero

Bank of America

Bruno Grimm de Campos

Jose Magadan

Bristol Myers Squibb

Camila Morena

Ricardo Sanchez

Carla Cárdenas Ayala


Luis Enrique Valencia

Alejandro Lerza

Liliana Cevallos

Circle K

Angela Mondragon

Cisco Systems

Angel Velez

Comerica Bank

Fredy Salguero

Dell Technologies

Joana Vargas

Cristina Lima Grinda

Celia Sofia Loya

Dow, Inc.

Kymberly Juettemeyer

Meaghin Lucero

Sean Ortega

GE HealthCare

Iris Simmons

Bruno Yabuta

General Motors

Raul Alberto Sosa Velazquez

Jose Rivera III


Lucitania Hernandez

Sofía Carrasquillo Aponte

Eduardo Quintero Cruz

Honeywell International Inc.

Ernesto López Hernández

Humana Inc.

Diana Duran

Efrain Cuadra

Intel Corporation

Jaymie M. Velasquez

Nidia Segura

Johnson & Johnson

Veronica Berruz

Manuel Morales Robles

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Alejandra Garcia

Zindy Arias

Liberty Mutual

Joanne Loubriel

Brenda Ferman

Jose Medina

McDonald’s Corporation

Sandy Giranio

Yaritza Vallejo

Carlos Terrazas


Noemi Garcia

Papa John’s International

Miguel Alvarez


Miguel Angel Yáñez Sauza

Giovanni Perez

Edith Campos

Procter & Gamble

Evelyn Taveras

Jhohan Lozano

Prudential Financial

Suzette Cintron

State Street

Brankely Garcia Marcano

Andres Marin Olavarria

The Coca-Cola Company

Jessan Torres


Vicky Estrella

United Parcel Service, Inc.

Andrea Quintero

Carlos Huezo

U.S. Bank

Jordan Valdez Soto

Marcela Groves

HACR President and CEO, Cid Wilson, Embarks on Historic Walk from Capitol Hill to Wall Street to Highlight Diversity Gaps in Corporate


Atlanta – June 12, 2024 – The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is proud to announce that its President and CEO, Cid Wilson, will embark on a monumental journey this Hispanic Heritage Month. Starting from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, Wilson will walk over 200 miles to Wall Street in New York City to raise awareness about the critical gaps in diversity, equity, representation, inclusion, and belonging that persist in Corporate America.

Wilson, 54, will travel on foot over four weeks, making his way past iconic landmarks including the U.S. White House, and through significant cities such as Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; Philadelphia, PA; Trenton, NJ; Princeton, NJ; and New Brunswick, NJ. This journey is more than just a physical feat; it is a powerful statement aimed at drawing attention to the need for comprehensive diversity and inclusion across all levels of corporate structure—executive positions, C-suite roles, corporate boards, supplier procurement, and philanthropic giving.

“Despite progress over the years, Corporate America still has a long way to go in terms of achieving true diversity, representation, and inclusion,” said Wilson. “This walk symbolizes the journey we must all undertake to bridge these gaps. Each step I take is a call to action for companies to commit to meaningful change and equity in the workplace. 2024 is not a time to slow down, or back down, and it’s certainly not a time to turn around. It’s a time to double down on diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Wilson makes the announcement today before a live audience of Hispanic corporate executives in Atlanta on the final day of the 2024 HACR Executive Programs, a two-and-a-half-day leadership advancement conference for senior and executive corporate leaders seeking to maximize their impact at the highest levels of Corporate America.

HACR anticipates that Wilson will be joined at various points of his journey by representatives from allied organizations and potentially by allies from within some of Corporate America’s largest companies. This collaborative effort underscores the shared responsibility in addressing and overcoming the challenges of inclusion and equity.

Each day of Wilson’s journey will focus on a specific area of challenge, highlighting the multifaceted nature of diversity and inclusion. The journey will culminate in New York City’s financial district, Wall Street, a symbol of Corporate America. This ending point is highly symbolic, representing the epicenter of corporate influence and power, and underscoring the message that diversity and inclusion must be prioritized at the highest levels of decision-making.

Wilson’s walk is set to inspire conversations and actions around the systemic changes needed to foster an inclusive and equitable corporate environment. By walking from Capitol Hill to Wall Street, Wilson highlights the geographical span of his journey and the breadth of the issues at hand, from policy-making centers to financial powerhouses.

HACR invites corporate leaders, policymakers, media, and the public to follow Wilson’s journey and engage in this critical dialogue. Regular updates and highlights of each leg of the trip will be shared on HACR’s social media channels.

For more information, to join Wilson on a segment of his walk, or to support the cause, please get in touch with

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