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Our mission is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions.

35 Years of hispanic inclusion

We advocate for greater Hispanic participation on corporate boards through our participation as one of four members of the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD). ABD collaborates on research and advocacy.

Our events gather corporate leaders and other experts to network, learn, and share best practices. Topics cover human resources, diversity and inclusion, and procurement.

Our research takes an objective look at Hispanic representation in procurement, employment, governance, and philanthropy in Corporate America. We also collaborate with other organizations to help produce original research on corporate board representation.

Member corporations now have the option to book custom presentations that are specific to Latinx history, identity, and inclusion at each company.

We provide member corporations with the insights they need to get it right when it comes to Latino participation, inclusion, and advancement. Find out why more than 100 companies take advantage of these services.

We offer programming for Hispanic corporate employees who are candidates for advancement to executive levels and board governance. We produce three events per year, each with a specific focus area. Together they serve Latinos from mid-level management to the boardroom.