Since 2009, Sodexo has partnered with the MexicanAmerican Legal DefenseEducation Fund (MALDEF)Parents Schools Partnership (PSP) program to promote health and well-being.On April 9th, Providence Regional Medical Center had the pleasure of hosting Sodexo’s team to present the Pillars ofHealthy Living: Eating. Living. Community. and hosted 45families from Snohomish County.Chef Frank Goff and general manager, Mersedeh Schmidt,led the Sodexo team. Chef Frank lent his culinary expertise through Sodexo’s Mindful menu, making a BananaStrawberry Tofu Smoothie, Breakfast Enchiladas, andBraised Kale and Vegetable Pizza. Each family received a bag of kitchen utensils, storage bowls, produce, apple and jicama slaw, black bean, and corn salad.The families received education and tips on topics ranging from substituting non-healthy ingredients with healthy ingredients to understanding the best oils and fats with which to cook, and other best practices encouraged bySodexo registered dietitians and Sterling Smith, executive chef at Sodexo.To date, the Sodexo/MALDEF partnership has reached over7,500 Latino families residing in the densely populatedLatino communities of Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Dallas,Los Angeles, and Seattle. By joining in this endeavor to fight childhood obesity and related health disparities through nutritional instruction and hands-on demonstration, our partnership continues to expand the program’s impact across major urban cities, resulting in healthier and stronger communities.