Get to Know HACR Board Chair Ramiro Cavazos


This year, HACR ushered in a new executive committee on its board of directors. Leading the charge as board chairman is Ramiro Cavazos, president and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Keep reading to get to know Ramiro and learn about his long history with HACR, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion.


How are you connected to HACR’s mission?

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was one of the founding members of HACR, and the goal of having equity in Latinos and Latinas on publicly traded boards is yet to be fulfilled.

What is the importance of the coalition of organizations represented on HACR’s board?

The coalition is paramount to ensure collaboration, solidarity, and maximized cost efficiencies. It also allows us to promote the complementary missions of 14 national Latino organizations committed to increasing wealth, prosperity, and quality of life [for Hispanics] through successful joint advocacy.

Can you give some background on your own corporate governance experience?

Personally, I have been fortunate to serve as director of a regional community bank in Texas, a trustee of a private university board, a representative for a Fortune 100 corporation making philanthropic investments in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America, and Director of Economic Development for the seventh largest city in America. In that role I retained and attracted corporate relocations, investments, and jobs with equity and diversity.

What was it like working with corporations during your various roles advancing economic development in San Antonio?

[I learned that] corporations want to do the right thing, but need help through actions, incentives, public input, consumer satisfaction, education, data, political will, and the opportunity for win-win successes. Corporate social responsibility is important for four tangible economic reasons: (1) providing bottom-line value through a skilled and educated workforce, (2) the availability and affordability of vendors and suppliers, (3) developing talented, committed, corporate suite executives, and (4) the ability to generate new and loyal business through a growing consumer market base and marketplace for a company’s products and services.

How does the work you’re doing as president and CEO of the USHCC connect with your work as board chairman at HACR?

Our USHCC mission is to build an ecosystem to accelerate Hispanic business growth and prosperity. There is a direct correlation of opportunity for exchange of business and value through our 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses, 260 Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, 61 million Hispanic Americans adding $2.6 trillion to the American economy, and hundreds of committed corporate entities that want to increase their diversity and inclusion investments to grow their influence with Hispanic American consumers.