On Conexión, Cisco’s Latinoemployee resource organization(ERO), is passionate about givingback. Through its signature offering,known as Program Escuela, Conexión strives to lift up thenext generation of Latinos in tech. Established in 2008, thevolunteer program serves elementary to high school agestudents and seeks to ignite their interest in STEM, whileencouraging them to pursue higher education.Conexión partners with schools around the globe to offerthis unique five-week program. Students learn abouttechnology, engage in hands-on projects, and gain vitalskills in teamwork, problem-solving, and communications.Students experience Cisco technology firsthand andpresent their final projects over Cisco Telepresence to otherparticipating students and company leaders around theglobe.Conexión has supported thousands of students throughthe program over the past eight years, which has beenpossible thanks to Cisco technology. The Mexican Institutefor Philanthropy (CEMEFI) bestowed its “Latin AmericanCSR Best Practices for 2013” award on the program for itspositive impact on the community and highly flexible andreplicable model. Conexión is proud of Program Escuela andwill continue to inspire Latino students around the world topursue a future in tech.As part of our People Deal, Cisco has over 25,000employees participating in EROs around the globe.The Conexión ERO focuses specifically on professionaldevelopment, talent pipeline, and community engagementfor their Latino employees.