The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility to Ring the Closing Bell Today at the New York Stock Exchange to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Andrea Orlando

The Washington-based non-profit advocacy group is being recognized for 37 years of advancing Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America

Oct 6, 2023  – The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) will ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, Friday, October 6, at 4 pm ET in New York City to close out a week of trading during Hispanic Heritage Month. The ceremony is a symbolic nod to HACR’s work over the last 37 years as a leading organization advancing Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America, especially in the C-suite and corporate boards.

HACR President & CEO, Cid Wilson, will have the honor of gaveling in the market close, a tradition that dates back to the 1870s.  “We are honored to take part in the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell ceremony during Hispanic Heritage Month, at such a meaningful time for our community,” said Wilson. “For 37 years we’ve been advocating for increased Hispanic inclusion at all levels of Corporate America, especially in the C-suites and corporate boards. This is powerful validation of the work HACR has been doing and the organization’s influence in the Latino community and on Wall Street. Thanks to the President of the NYSE Group, Lynn Martin, for her partnership and for championing board diversity.”

“Today’s closing bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange marks an important acknowledgement of The Power of Hispanic Inclusion™, as we renew our call for Corporate America to stand up for diversity, equity, and inclusion for Hispanics. We are grateful for our many HACR corporate members who stand by our mission and welcome companies who are ready to join our movement,” concluded Wilson.

The closing bell ceremony is happening just four days before HACR releases its 2023 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index™ report, the nation’s leading corporate accountability indicator that measures Hispanic inclusion in four key measurement categories: Employment, Procurement, Governance, and Philanthropy.

About HACR
Founded in 1986, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is the nation’s leading corporate advocacy organization representing 14 national Hispanic organizations whose reach encompass all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Its mission is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America in the areas of Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. Through our corporate leadership advancement programs, Symposium best-practice conferences, research initiatives, and public engagements, HACR is illuminating The Power of Hispanic Inclusion™ throughout Corporate America from the corporate front lines to the corporate boards.