The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) Unveils the Launch of Its 2024 Corporate Inclusion Index™ (CII) Survey

Andrea Orlando

December 28, 2023 /3BL/ – The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is thrilled to announce the commencement of its annual Corporate Inclusion Index™ (CII) survey for 2024. Beginning January 8, 2024, the survey window extends until March 29, 2024. HACR’s Corporate Inclusion Index™ is a pivotal tool for corporate leaders seeking to gauge Hispanic inclusion across employment, procurement, governance, and philanthropy.

Participation in the survey is open to corporations at no cost. Results undergo meticulous analysis, with the comprehensive report scheduled for publication in October, coinciding with Hispanic Heritage Month. Results are aggregated and anonymized, but companies that excel receive the HACR 5-Stars Award. The awards will be given out in a ceremony at the 32nd Annual HACR Symposium: The Power of Hispanic Inclusion™ in New York City, scheduled for October 14 – 16. Awards are given in four categories of economic reciprocity that align with the organization’s mission of full Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America: employment, procurement, governance, and philanthropy.

“The HACR Corporate Inclusion Index™ is an invaluable tool for visionary corporate leaders at the forefront of understanding, including, and serving the growing Hispanic community through equitable corporate practices and investments,” stated HACR Chief Research Officer, Dr. Lisette Garcia.

HACR President and CEO, Cid Wilson, emphasized, “United States demographic trends make Hispanic inclusion essential, and the first step towards sustainable change is insight into how your company measures up. The HACR CII helps companies transform good intentions into actionable steps.”

The 2024 survey provides returning participants the opportunity to measure progress and identify areas for greater Hispanic inclusion, while new participants can leverage their survey results to establish a starting point for their Hispanic inclusion strategy.

Corporations seeking further information can take the first step by reaching out via email to or by visiting

Since its inception in 2009, the annual survey has been a cornerstone for comprehensive reporting and measurement of Hispanic inclusion, making it one of the most closely watched surveys of corporate accountability in the Hispanic community. The 2023 HACR CII report examined Hispanic inclusion practices at a time when diversity, equity, and inclusion as a goal and a practice are under renewed scrutiny.


Founded in 1986, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is the nation’s leading corporate advocacy organization, representing 14 national Hispanic organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its mission is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America in the areas of Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance. Through our corporate leadership advancement programs, best-practice conferences, research initiatives, and public engagements, HACR is illuminating The Power of Hispanic Inclusion™ throughout Corporate America.