For over three decades, HACR has been leading the way for inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America. During this time we have systematically researched the topic of corporate governance and have become the leading subject matter expert in the area of Hispanic representation on corporate boards.

Since 1993, HACR has produced research on corporate governance and the 2013 HACR Corporate Governance Study (CGS) marks almost 20 years of little progress for Hispanic inclusion on corporate boards.

The HACR CGS measures Hispanic inclusion in the C-Suite and boardrooms in Fortune 500 companies. The HACR CGS is a publication of the HACR Research Institute (HRI), the research arm of HACR which is devoted to objective research and analysis of Hispanic-related issues in Corporate America.


Key Findings:

  • Hispanics held three percent of seats in the boardroom of the Fortune 500.
  • 70 percent or nearly 350 companies of the Fortune 500 did not have a Hispanic on their board.
  • Only two percent or 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are of Hispanic heritage.
  • 133 Hispanic individuals held 171 board seats in the Fortune 500.
  • Only four percent of Fortune 500 companies had two Hispanics on their board.


Key Findings:

  • This study is a multi-year effort organized by ABD, collaborating with Deloitte for the 2016 census, which has examined and chronicled the degree of participation of diverse professionals on boards of directors across America’s largest companies.
  • The data has allowed for the development of information on trends relative to overall diversity as well as the comparative differences in rates of representation among minorities and women over a period of more than a decade.
  • This 2016 report highlights the progress to date that has been made for women and minorities on corporate boards.