What are the Hispanic Inclusion trends in 2018?

The 2018 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (CII) report showcases the new HACR CII ratings designed around two focus areas – a practice assessment and an outcomes assessment for each of HACR’s four pillars, Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy and Governance.

In each pillar, the practice assessment consists of twenty-five elements which examine what type of support or infrastructure a company has in places for diversity and inclusion, while the outcomes assessment examines 5 key indicators by which we can evaluate progress.

Key findings from the 2018 HACR CII include:

  • Hispanics comprise an average of more than 17 percent of the total reported employee base for the 2018 HACR CII participants.
  • On average, participants reported directing nearly 2 percent of total procurement spend to Hispanic-owned businesses.
  • Nearly three-quarters of participants reported having a plan for outreach and corporate giving to local and national Hispanic organizations.
  • Hispanics held just over seven (7) percent of board seats amongst the participating companies.

This report features 49 companies who demonstrated their commitment to Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America. Fill out the form to learn the latest metrics on Hispanic inclusion and diversity in Corporate America.