What is the SER-MUJER Program?


In 2014, SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (SER National) implemented a national women’s entrepreneurship/employment program sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation. The program is titled SER Mastering and Understanding Jobs and Entrepreneurship Relationships—SER MUJER. The program’s mission is to encourage and support aspiring women entrepreneurs and job seekers through its partners in Dallas/Fort Worth, Fresno, Los Angeles, Miami, and the District of Columbia. In its second year, the program shifted its emphasis to entrepreneurship; currently serving the Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. SER MUJER was added to the SER National’s programs to provide financial literacy, job training, entrepreneurship and business development to Hispanic women and other women who use SER National’s services in the markets listed above. The program is provided in traditional workshops and through e-learning using web-based and mobile app formats. The curriculum includes financial literacy modules for non-traditional learners and women who might have time constraints. The online and mobile app formats provide nationwide availability to an unlimited number of potential participants. As of September 2018, SER has connected with over 10,000 women, and has served 7,500 with essential information, guidance, peer support and community reference guides to aid their individual entrepreneurial needs. With support from SER National, those who complete the program launch their business as they seek both, economic independence and self-actualization.