On November 16, Verizon launched the Digital Future Alliance (www. The digital future offers enormous promise to build bridges between people and across borders, create jobs, and promote innovations that enhance our daily lives. From smartphones that enable instant connection with loved ones on the other side of the world, to tablets that bring global education to our children’s fingertips, and telemedicine solutions that make remote, life-saving surgeries possible, there’s no end to the possibilities that mobile technology offers. But unless we act to put the right policies in place, we will not harness the full potential of the digital future and communities will be left behind. The Digital Future Alliance champions the public policies necessary to ensure that the U.S. thrives in the digital future, that digital connectivity revolutionizes almost every sector of the economy, and that all individuals enjoy the transformative benefits that new technologies can provide. The DFA is a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that a robust, united, and vibrant community of empowered advocates can have a meaningful effect on the policy decisions that will support our digital future. In all, the DFA campaign will amplify your voice in the digital policy debate and promote grassroots action, engage policymakers to find bipartisan solutions to achieve our policy objectives, educate stakeholders and policymakers on our public policy priorities, and make sure that the U.S. leads the digital future.