Crecer, the UPS Latino business resource group (BRG), has a mission to empower individuals through leadership and professional development, accelerating business growth for UPS, our customers, and our communities in a multicultural world.

More than ever, there is an amplified awareness of the talents of the Latino workforce. At UPS we are proud that the focused efforts of Crecer have resulted in the advancement of our Hispanic employees.

In 2015, three strategic initiatives helped UPS enhance the skills and visibility of Latinos:

• In the Career Development Workshop Series, Latino employees assessed their current career state and developed a plan to move toward the vision of their career future. Attendees learned how to align career plans with their strengths, unique skills, and areas of interest.

• Our Speed Mentoring event brought together mentees and mentors from all functions within UPS allowing them to create meaningful and impactful connections in a very intense and fast-paced environment.

• Lastly, Crecer launched Training Evolution’s Mentoring-in-a-Box program, connecting BRG members with senior level UPS leaders in a world-class mentoring experience. We have started an exciting journey of self-development that will have long lasting impact in the growth of both mentors and protégées.

Crecer’s leadership, sponsors, and members demonstrate that UPS values a diverse workforce and is committed to attracting, engaging, and advancing talented Latino leaders.