Herbalife Nutrition is the successful company it is today because of the importance we have given to diversity and inclusion. Different backgrounds bring different perspectives, ideas, and opportunities, and we count on that to keep building a better company every day. Multigenerational men and women from the most diverse origins and races work at Herbalife Nutrition to make the world healthier and happier. 

From our amazing independent distributors, to the people at our manufacturing and distribution facilities, and to our management teams, we cultivate and cherish diversity as one of our most important assets. That is why we seize Hispanic Heritage Month to take stock of the initiatives Herbalife Nutrition carries out throughout the year with our nonprofit partners and sister corporations to celebrate and honor the richness of Latino culture. For example, in October the company sponsored the 7th Annual Trade Symposium of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) and moderated the Women in Trade panel, giving voice to the unique work and skills that women bring to trade negotiations and business growth. Angela Arboleda, vice president of Government and Community Affairs, led an engaging discussion about the role women play in the many facets of trade from a large company, an industry, nonprofit, or government perspective. What was evident from the panel is that gender and ethnic diversity enhances negotiations and discussion in trade and all other subjects because having diversity in experience, perspective, approach, and delivery will always help yield a richer, more complete outcome.