This year, Herbalife Nutrition was recognized in the Latino magazine’s LATINO 100 spring issue. The LATINO 100 includes the top 100 companies for Latinos to work in. The goal of the LATINO 100 list is to identify the companies providing the most opportunities for Latinos and recognizes initiatives that benefit the Latino community in areas like philanthropy, workforce diversity, minority business development, and governance. Latino magazine, is a national publication, focusing on issues important to the Latino community like politics, business, education, and culture among others. Herbalife Nutrition is proud to partner with the Latino magazine, as it has the pulse of the Latino community across the nation. In addition, Herbalife Nutrition is often highlighted as a leader in corporate America for the diversity of its board of directors. The company is one of the few that has three Hispanics serving on its board at the same time. Herbalife Nutrition’s mission is to make the world healthier and happier through high-quality weight-management products and by encouraging entrepreneurship among those who want it.