Empow(h)er™: Understanding Workplace Barriers for Latinas

The 2020 HACR Empow(h)er™: Understanding Workplace Barriers for Latinas report aims to provide further understanding of the obstacles that Latinas face to career progression and to increasing the representation of Latinas throughout Corporate America. In this report, the HACR Research Institute takes a deep dive into the day-to-day experiences of Latinas in the workplace and makes recommendations as to what Latinas can do to advance their careers and ensure they are well represented throughout the professional pipeline.

Key findings from the 2020 HACR Empow(h)er™: Understanding Workplace Barriers for Latinas report include:

  • 46 percent of survey participants felt their career prospects were very or extremely promising

  • 48 percent of survey participants did not participate in the structured mentoring program at their respective companies, with 22 percent saying they didn’t participate because it’s not offered at their level

  • 64 percent of survey participants said Latinos face challenges in being promoted within their respective companies

This report features the insights of over 500 professionals in Corporate America. Fill out the form to learn the latest metrics on Latina inclusion in Corporate America. 

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How to cite this report:
Garcia, Ph.D., Lisette, and Alida Minkel. 2020. Empow(h)er™: Understanding Workplace Barriers for Latinas. Washington, DC: Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility.