ASPIRA Assists Puerto Rican Communities Impacted by Hurricane Maria


Since hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, ASPIRA de Puerto Rico has been at the forefront among nonprofit organizations on the island providing extensive assistance to low income communities in northeast and northwest Puerto Rico. For ASPIRA de Puerto Rico, this has been a “all hands on deck.” ASPIRA de Puerto Rico is also coordinating the ASPIRA-wide effort to provide food, clothing, generators, and other supplies to those most affected in these communities. ASPIRA of Illinois and ASPIRA of New Jersey are celebrating 50 years of service to their communities. Founded in 1968 by local groups of Puerto Rican community leaders, ASPIRA of New Jersey and ASPIRA of Illinois, remain pillars in their communities and the leaders in supporting education and youth development. ASPIRA of Illinois is celebrating the life and contributions of an ASPIRA of Illinois founder and leader in the Puerto Rican community in Chicago, Myrta Ramirez. ASPIRA’s 16 schools, which range from pre-school to high schools to a cyber charter, are preparing for the new school year. Over 9,000 students are expected to enroll this year. To receive students at the ASPIRA Art Deco middle school in Miami, ASPIRA of Florida is inaugurating its brand new, state-of-the art, facility.