What were the Hispanic inclusion trends in 2018?

While many industries in Corporate America have made strides in Hispanic representation, STEM-related industries continue to struggle in recruiting and retaining Hispanic talent. With this in mind, HACR set out to understand the barriers that limit the inclusion and professional progression of Hispanic STEM professionals. The 2019 HACR STEM Report outlines the strategic actions needed to enhance the recruitment, career development, and advancement opportunities for Hispanic in STEM.

Key findings from the 2019 HACR STEM Report include:

  • Workplace barriers affect job satisfaction and tenure in STEM occupations for Hispanic employees.
  • Research on differential treatment in the workplace suggests that there are four workplace barriers that have a particularly negative effect on the experiences of underrepresented groups:
    1. An unwelcoming and hostile corporate culture
    2. In-group bias
    3. Perceptual bias
    4. Lack of professional mentors or sponsors
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies that lift workplace barriers include:
    • Having active and effective champions
    • Having a work/life balance
    • Access to leadership development programs

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